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Air Handler Services

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The main function of the air handler is regulating and circulating air. The air handler consists of the system’s blower, evaporator coil, sound dampers, filter racks and other parts of the ventilation system. They don’t heat up or cool down, in short, they move air.

Let’s look at common issues affecting an AC handler unit. Problems of the fan unit which you can notice are odd noises coming from the fan unit or even failure to blow air at all. The screeching sound is also an indicator of the problem, meaning there’s a loose component inside the air handler. Another issue can be the airflow When you notice issues with the airflow, like low airflow in the certain parts of the house, then again the air handler is often to blame

Dealing with low airflow issues, air temperature issues or maybe loud operation then the right choice is to contact professionals, which will help you not to waste time and get the service you need.

When one should think about air handler services:

The type and model of the AC is not a problem, we service all major brands, like:

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