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You may ask what is AC filter and if it is important. Yes, it is as it is a device for filtering particles from the air. Like any filter, it consists of a porous structure which hinders the passing of the large harmful particles. To say it simple it filers the air. A properly functioning AC filter can screen out pollutants, thus ensuring the quality of your indoor air. When the AC filter is not working properly or is damaged, then the health of your family is at risk, especially if there are older people, children and those having respiratory problems.

Yes, it is essential to have the AC filter cleaning done regularly and usually it is recommended to check the AC filter once a month to understand if you need replacement.

We at HVAC Las Vegas are ready to provide you with AC filter replacement quality service at an affordable price. Our experienced techs will also provide you with maintenance tips which will for sure help you.


Let’s look through obvious signs that you need to change the filter:

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