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5 Reasons Why Your AC is Blowing Warm Air

The hottest summer days are almost here, and this is the season when all of us need air conditioners so much. The majority of HVAC technicians at HVAC Las Vegas are the busiest during this season as long as a single disturbance with your AC makes a huge problem because you cannot even stay without AC for a single minute. Despite the fact that there is a wide range of AC problems, one of the most common malfunctions is that it blows out hot air. However, you do not have to worry about it because it’s a widespread issue which is easy to solve. Our professionals at HVAC Las Vegas are here to advise you with this guide on what can cause your AC to blow hot air and how to fix it.

1) Thermostat

You may not think about it, but usually, the first problem that might have caused your air conditioner to blow hot air is that it was set to blow hot air instead of a cold one. This also frequently happens when you do not live alone, and one of your family members may have tried to adjust it incorrectly. It is also possible that your thermostat batteries are worn out, and you should change them to avoid malfunction.

Additional tip!

Our professionals at HVAC Las Vegas also recommend setting the temperature of your thermostat during the cooling season around 78 Fahrenheit and increasing it by approximately 10 degrees when you leave your apartment or house.

2)Inspect the breaker panel on your circuit breaker 

Your HVAC system demands lots of power to operate; however, if the demand exceeds the normal range, your outdoor unit may automatically shut down as a safety function. The first thing you should look for is a tripped or a damaged breaker in your electrical panel. In order to fix it, you should switch the breaker entirely off and then back to the “on” function to re-energize the unit. If your circuit breaker is damaged, then you need to replace it. If the problem continues even after you replace it and try to fix it on your own, you should hire a professional. Our competent technicians at HVAC Las Vegas are always there to help you, and you can entirely rely on our assistance.

3)Check the Condenser or otherwise called the Outdoor unit

One of the main components of your AC that is also responsible for releasing heat is the outside unit or what professionals usually call a condenser. This component usually needs enough space on the sides for ventilation. If there is no space, your AC will start to malfunction. To fix the problem, you should, first of all, make sure there is approximately 1 ft of the room near the condenser and a minimum of 5 feet of vertical clearance. If something like weed has grown up in the free space, make sure to clean and remove it.

4)Inspect the Air Filters and Evaporator Coil

When buying a new AC, most of us are recommended to change our air filters very frequently and use them for no more than 90 days. However, 90 days does not mean that your air filter will get dirty or dusty right on the 90 the day. Especially if you are using your air conditioner more than usual, it’s more likely that your air problem will need replacement way earlier. It is also good to know if you have any animals at home; the filters will get dirtier even faster. So when your air filter becomes dusty, it obstructs the free flow of air, which in its turn creates several problems. The first thing is that it needs more than enough energy and time for functioning, due to which some components of your AC overheat while the evaporator coil freezes. Too much freezing of your coil will not allow you to cool the house, and it also can damage the compressor.

5)Check the Refrigerant (Coolant)

Low refrigerant, also known as coolant, is among the primary triggers of an air conditioner that isn’t working properly. You might have undercharged or overcharged refrigerant if you notice a worn service gate, loose joints, or defective assembly. However, it is hazardous to work with refrigerants on your own. In case you assume that there is a problem with it, hire a trained professional as soon as possible. It is also good k=to know that simply adding a new refrigerant is never enough to solve the deeper issue. Yes, it will fix the problem temporarily, but the problem will surely come up after some time. This usually means that there is a refrigerant leak, and it needs to be repaired instead of only adding a new one. However, if you want to avoid such problems way before, schedule annual appointments with a professional before the summer cooling season starts.

Final Thoughts

HVAC Las Vegas trained technicians are always there to repair your AC if any problem occurs. Nevertheless, we all want to avoid such significant destructions as much as possible. For this reason, we recommend you to check your air filters once a month, regularly clean your house from dirt and dust, set the thermostat to around 78 Fahrenheit, clean the ventilation from weed and other moisture grown-up plants as well as do not open the doors and windows while your AC is being operated.